Friday, June 22, 2012

Do You Read The Labels?

I'm sure that, if you are like most consumers, you generally read the labels on items before making a purchase.  On food items, a label may not only list the ingredients but instructions on how the food should be properly prepared.  A clothing label will list the fibers the item is comprised of as well as how to care for it.  Labels are everywhere and on most everything.  But, did you ever stop to think that books have labels, too?   They are better known as book jackets or covers.

Book covers serve as the 'label' that readers will use when deciding whether or not to buy your book.  As with most other products, the more attractive the label, the more appealing it will be to the consumer.   What artwork or photo is on the front cover of your book?  Is it brightly colored, does it contain bold lettering, or does it give a clue as to what the story might be about?   Besides listing the title and author's name, the front cover should stand out enough to create a desire for the reader to pick it up to learn more.  A dull, drab cover or one that is a 'cookie cutter' of others won't hold the same appeal as something unique.

Now that you've created an interest with the front cover, will the back cover do the same?  Will the book 'blurb' and author bio cause the customer to want to read what's inside?  The best blurbs are those which accurately describe the plotline of the story without giving too much away.  They 'tease' the reader with information just enticing enough to make them want to know the rest of the story.  One or two paragraphs is really all you will need for a good book blurb.  The same holds true for an author bio--the reader wants to know a little about you--not your entire life's story!  One or two paragraphs, along with a current picture (if you desire) will generally suffice.

It's been said that books shouldn't be judged by their covers, but in reality, they are.  Be sure yours is one that will not only attract the customer, but the sale as well!  Happy writing!

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