Thursday, April 8, 2010

Take Time, Make Time

My writing career is starting to suffer, and it's all my fault. I can't remember for certain the last time I worked on my manuscript, scheduled a signing at a local book store, printed or mailed any promotional materials, or even updated this blog. Okay, I guess that last one was March 1, but only because the dashboard feature on the site told me so....

My excuse? Life. Like everyone else in the world, I have one--or try to, anyway. My life includes work, husband, children, pets, family, friends, and everything in between. Some days I feel as if I go non-stop from sunrise to sundown. I feel like there are so many demands on my time that I don't know where to begin or in which direction to turn. It's nonstop 24/7/365. With all these other things to do, how can I possibly find time to write?

The question really should be, if I truly love my craft as I say I do, how can I not?

When I really sit back and ponder my reasoning, it comes back to nothing more than poor time management. At the end of a long day, instead of losing myself in the world of Mitch and Dana Tarrington, I go into a vegitative state in front of some old Nick-at-Nite show on TV. In between loads of laundry, instead of cranking out a few phone calls to my local Borders or Barnes & Noble, I cruise my Facebook page. When I could be sending out flyers to groups for potential speaking engagements, I'm checking out the latest pictures of Chuck Wicks on y-Frog. So, it comes down to this--it's really not that I don't have the time to take, it's that I don't take the time I have.

Today I vow to work harder,bring my writing back to the forefront, and dedicate time to some aspect of it every day. Now, I will sign off so that I can pull up my manuscript--right after I paint my toenails.