Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I'm going to see Rick Springfield in concert tomorrow night. I can't wait! As I sit here at my computer, I glance up to my right and feast my eyes on a lithograph showing the two sides of the man--a mature artist whose life experiences now influence his music; and the much younger, dream-driven teen idol I fell in love with so many years ago at the tender age of 14. As I stare at the photos for a moment longer, I suddenly realize why the younger Rick's picture is larger than the two older Rick images--because that's the way he wants to be envisioned by his fans. That's the Rick he wants people to remember--the Rick I remember. The man who chased his dream and caught it.

Back some twenty-plus years ago at the height of his career, he had it all. He was the steamy, dreamy Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, one of the most popular soaps of all time. His voice filled the airwaves as he coveted Jessie's Girl, and he tried his shot on the big screen as cocky rocker Jamie Roberts in Hard to Hold. After a few failed relationships with famous actresses (one of them being Linda Blair of The Exorcist fame),he found love with a record company receptionist, married, and had a son. His live-in-concert video, Beat of the Live Drum was flying off the shelves, and he took home a Grammy. His life was finally all he had hoped for. He dreamed big, and it all came true--simply because he never gave up.

We all have dreams, but how many of us actually pursue them? How many of us sit idly by and watch them fade away? I was blessed with a beautiful dream involving a man I call Mitch Tarrington. He came to live inside me, and by God's grace blossomed into a wonderful, beautiful part of my life that makes him so real I can hardly believe sometimes that he isn't. He drives me to be more than I am. He takes me to places I've never been before, to the very corners of my imagination. He fills me with such excitement that I just have to share him with everyone I know. He not only lives on the pages of my books, but in my heart. I'll never actually get a chance to shake his hand, give him a hug, or share dinner with him in a physical sense, but as long as I can dream him, I can be with him. I'll follow him wherever he wants to take me, as long as God is willing, and if you're up for it, I'll take you along, too.

Follow your dreams and let them take you into a whole new world full of possibilities. As the saying goes, if you can dream it, you can achieve it!

**Photo of Rick Springfield--still lookin' hot at 60!! (courtesy of Photobucket)

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